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Jinan accelerates its rise as "the third pole of China's laser industry"

Jinan, where the scenery is boundless in early summer, ushered in another conference that attracted the attention of the laser industry. On May 6, the 2023 World Laser Industry Conference opened in Jinan. This is the second time since last year that the World Laser Industry Conference will be held in Jinan, demonstrating the strong strength of Jinan's laser industry. The current Jinan, as proposed by the conference, is accelerating its rise to become "the third laser pole in China".

1 The export of equipment is the first in the country, and the laser industry in Jinan is rising rapidly

"Shandong's laser industry with Jinan as the leader is rapidly moving towards the high end of the industrial value chain." Yu Jianlong, vice president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, pointed out that the export share of laser cutting machines and engraving machines in Jinan accounts for more than 60% of the country. It has maintained the first place in the country all the year round, and has formed a brand effect of origin with the label of "Jinan" at home and abroad.

Rooted in the profound foundation of the machine tool industry, Jinan's laser industry has gradually developed and grown relying on import and export trade. The industrial cluster covers laser epitaxy materials, components, laser sources, laser processing equipment manufacturing, laser communication, laser detection and monitoring, auxiliary crystal materials, etc. As of now, there are more than 320 laser enterprises in the city, with an industrial scale of 15 billion RMB, and the export scale of laser equipment mainly for laser cutting machine has reached 4 billion RMB, ranking first in the country.


Qilu Optics Valley Unveiled, Helping Jinan Build China's Third Laser Pole

The World Laser Industry Conference has achieved fruitful results. The conference held an unveiling ceremony for the "World Laser Industry Conference Qilu Optics Valley", and released the overall planning and related policies of Qilu Optics Valley at the same time, with Qilu Optics Valley as the core bearing area to help Jinan build "China's third laser pole".

Qilu Optics Valley has a planned total area of 487 hectare. It will build a laser industry exhibition area, a laser industry international exchange and cooperation center, a laser technology incubator, and a laser industry research institute.

At the conference site, the Jinan Comprehensive Bonded Zone Laser Industry Global Bonded Maintenance Center was unveiled. As one of the investment carriers of the World Laser Industry Conference, the Laser Industry Global Bonded Repair Center promotes the business model of "export globally and repair in Jinan", promotes the development of global laser repair business, and solves overseas after-sales problems for laser companies. The Management Committee of Jinan Comprehensive Bonded Zone issued the province's first global bonded maintenance business supervision plan to create a new ecology of bonded maintenance and form a good trend for the agglomeration and development of the laser industry.

3 To make the laser industry chain bigger and stronger, Jinan has great potential to build the Northern Optics Valley

In the face of the booming laser industry in Jinan, academicians and experts have placed high hopes. Zhou Shouhuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that Jinan has a solid foundation in the field of laser industry. "In the next step, everyone will work together to make breakthroughs in basic technology and build a domestic first-class and world-renowned optoelectronic industry base."

Jiang Dongsheng, chairman of the National Optical Radiation Safety and Laser Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, said that Jinan has unique advantages in the development of the laser industry. It is believed that Jinan will become one of the three major optical valleys after Shenzhen and Wuhan, and the only northern optical valley.